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So the sports world is buzzing with the news that Tiger Woods will be holding a press conference tomorrow.  He will be delivering a statement and taking no questions.

Tiger Woods - what will he say?

What can we expect to hear from Tiger?  Not a whole lot.  Expect him to admit that he was in rehab, to apologize again to his family, to ask for privacy as he takes on his personal challenges, and to announce when he plans to start playing on the PGA tour again.

And as the Average Guy that is enough for me.  We tend to hold our sports heroes to a higher level of expectations, and to forget that they are human.  Tiger was born and raised to be a phenomenal golfer, not necessarily to be the best possible person. 

The quickest way for him to put this whole thing behind him in the eyes of the public is to get out there and start playing in tournaments again.  There will be a contingent of fans that will hold his indiscretions against him.   Most of them will be the same people that would root against him in tournaments just because he is the best anyway. 

Personally, I hope he has taken the steps needed to reform himself.  He owes that to his wife and his children.  We can also hope that his approach to the fans will be improved.  He’s always been prickly with the crowds and maybe this experience will make him re-think that.

Regardless, one of the only things the American public likes to do more than tear down our celebrities is to play a role in building them back up again.  With a little humility and a return to winning, Tiger Woods will quickly get back in the good graces of sports fans.


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